Companies look to Stravino Penrod Search Partners when they are in need of highly qualified talent to add value to their organization. Stravino Penrod recruits the kind of exceptional talent that can only be obtained through relationships, networks, and referrals… not from job boards.

Job seekers turn to Stravino Penrod Search Partners to help them find the right role based on their career goals, personal search parameters, and the corporate culture they seek. They choose Stravino Penrod to maintain confidentiality and save them time.

Central to the success of our long-term and continuous relationships is our approach to understanding what our clients and candidates want. We use this understanding to find clients the best candidate to accomplish their strategic objectives and to find the right fit for our candidates’ long-term goals. We make the process of achieving the right match quick, painless, and successful. 

Understanding What Our Clients Want

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and come in all sizes - from large, publicly traded corporations to small, closely held companies. Each client is unique; because of this we always take the time to learn about the hiring team, the company culture, short and long term goals and the office environment. We take the opportunity to discuss the position specifications, skill set required, personality traits desired, and team dynamics.

Spending time with the key decision makers for each hire allows us to implement a more focused approach to finding the ideal candidate. Time spent at the beginning of the process to discuss the various components of the search saves our clients the aggravation of reviewing incompatible resumes and conducting interviews for candidates who are not the right fit. Our clients continue to hire us for a reason, to save them time and to find the right, passive candidates to build their teams.

When working with clients, we set expectations based on market conditions and the availability of candidates for the specific search. We tailor our communication and process for each client based on their needs and preferences to make it a pleasant and successful experience.

Why Use Stravino Penrod Search Partners

At Stravino Penrod Search Partners, we don’t post job ads. We won’t be sending you resumes from the same candidates who are applying for your roles online. We meet our candidates through confidential referrals from trusted relationships in the accounting and finance community. We thoroughly screen candidates to discern their skill level and to ensure that we are providing you with candidates who are both a technical and cultural fit. 

Our educational backgrounds and professional experiences in our respective fields gives us a thorough understanding of the position requirements for the roles we are helping our clients fill. In addition, our relevant network and up to date knowledge of the Tampa Bay market are the foundation of how we produce value for our clients.  

Stravino Penrod Search Partners prides itself in having built a client and candidate base on referrals.  As a result, we maintain low overhead and are able to pass those savings through to our clients by providing a more qualified consultant at a competitive rate.  This ensures consultants stay the duration of the contract and complete the job you have hired them for.  

We provide our clients with a small number of highly qualified candidates who fit the description of the ideal candidate. We do the legwork so you can continue to run your department and focus on your work, without your talent search becoming what feels like another full time job.  

Fees and Guarantee

Stravino Penrod recognizes that fees are an important variable when deciding which company to utilize when conducting a recruiting search. Our fees are competitive and are determined by various factors including exclusivity, number of placements, and the complexity of the search.  

We understand that each new hire is an important and impactful event for you and your team. We offer our clients unique guarantees to provide them with the comfort and peace of mind they need to move forward. We have complete confidence that we will find you the right person and we stand behind that.